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Art By Vermeeren
Art By Vermeeren
Art By Vermeeren

"Unbelievable Colors, Extreme & Powerful, Bursting with Charisma"

Jeff Vermeeren

Experience Vermeeren

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a place known for its entrepreneurial spirt, Jeff Vermeeren has always believed in the value of ingenuity, fearlessness, and unyielding optimism. These values have served as a guiding influence in Jeff's life and have driven him to always reach higher, dig deeper, and push the limits of possibility.
From a very young age Jeff has found inspiration through exploration and discovery, always creating and repurposing everyday items. Known as the "Master of Color" Jeff has crafted his own method that uses fire, freezing, pressure, and volatile chemicals to produce his gorgeous and hyper-saturated works of metallic mixed-media art. The dreamlike, swirling results defy easy categorization, and transport the viewer into a stratospheric realm.

The Artist

This unique form of art is a perfect medium through which Jeff is able to share his electric personality and explosive ideas. Using a combination of fire, ice, pressure and a wide range of unstable chemicals, he applies vivid colour to infuse in each piece a variety of feelings and moods. There is no way to duplicate one of his pieces. Each piece is visually stimulating; each piece is an original; each piece is one of a kind. Jeff continues his visual incursion on our eyes with the radical expansion of his craft. 

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